Precision Division

Agriculture is being increasingly challenged by advances in technology and the use of data in decision-making. For this reason, PeritusAg employs the use of innovative software systems and geo-referenced data across the business.


We incorporate the use of a wide range of geo-referenced data layers in our investigation and reporting to ensure the right questions are asked and the most appropriate and accurate decisions are made. Our data layers include, but are not limited to:


  • CSIRO and Electromagnetic (EM) soil layers
  • Satellite and aerial imagery
  • Yield maps
  • Application maps

We work with our clients on the strategic implementation of their precision agriculture plan to ensure the most appropriate data is used and interrogated and to provide an optimal production focused outcome.

We use all available data layers for due diligence property assessments and feasibility studies to provide complete and well-considered reporting.

The use of geo-referenced data is integrated into our Loss Adjustment procedures to ensure more accurate validation and verification of claims.

Our Expertise

  • High-resolution imagery on orchards to assess tree health for due diligence assessments
  • Soil map processing and review for feasibility studies
  • Historical satellite imagery processing and interpretation for loss adjustment claims
  • Processed grain yield data for loss quantifications

Our Capabilities

  • Strategic implementation of Precision Ag into existing agribusinesses
  • Satellite and aerial imagery coordination and collection
  • Data processing and investigations
  • Data analysis
  • Data correlations and insights