Specialist Agricultural Consultancy


PeritusAg is a collaboration of agribusiness specialist consultants who strive to understand and deliver solutions to complex problems and or disputes in agriculture. Transparent, rigorous, pragmatic, strategic and intelligent, our goal is to bring together the right agricultural experts to deliver the solutions our clients need.

Agricultural loss adjustment, causation and liability investigations and dispute resolution, covering individual and multi-claim cases.

Broad agribusiness consultancy focussed on property due diligence, feasibility and complex, multi-discipline projects.

Investigation and interrogation of financials of a business or business plan with a combined focus on accountancy logic and agronomy.

Strategic consulting and training that supports risk identification and ongoing management with productivity focused outcomes.

Advanced use of geo-reference data layers for in-depth correlation and data driven decision making.

Programs grounded in the fundamentals of running a modern agribusiness operation with a focus on practical outcomes.

Recent Projects

  •   Overview: The solicitors acting for the defendants in multiple class actions appointed ARC to review all the agricultural claims that had been made under the class actions and to adjust them as necessary to ensure that they complied with the Settlement Deed applicable to...

  •   Overview: PeritusAg completed an agronomic assessment and due diligence investigation of the biological assets and production risks of seven orchards, producing avocado and mangoes, for our client who was considering purchasing them in a sale and lease-back strategy. What we did: The scope of

  •   Overview: PeritusAg was contracted to determine the suitability and viability of crop production in the Hughenden region, with a focus on soil, water and climate, and to quantify those most likely to perform from both a production and economic viewpoint. What we did: The...