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PeritusAg is a collaboration of specialist Australian agronomy & agricultural consultants who strive to understand and deliver solutions to complex problems and or disputes in agriculture. Transparent, rigorous, pragmatic, strategic and intelligent, our goal is to bring together the right agronomists & agricultural experts to deliver the solutions our clients need.

Agricultural Consultants Australia

PeritusAg is an Australian agricultural consultancy, formed in 2019 merging the successful Agricultural Risk Consulting Group and an agribusiness project business, to create a multi-discipline team of farming & agricultural consultants. The merging of the businesses brought together decades of agriculture consulting experience and the ability to tackle even the most complex of cases or projects.


With the ability to utilise our extensive network of independent subject matter expert agriculture consultants, our consulting firm can ensure each client is provided the most knowledgeable and practical agricultural advisor to meet a specific industry or situational requirement. Our goal is to bring together the right experts to deliver the strategic and pragmatic solutions farmers, agricultural businesses & rural industries need to grow and thrive.


We determine the right approach to meet our clients’ goals and help them realise what’s possible


We tap into an experienced network of agricultural professionals with the right knowledge for each challenge


Our team delivers solutions with clear and achievable roadmaps to accomplish successful outcomes


Our recommendations follow methodical, comprehensive and
intelligent investigation, covering every detail in minutiae

Agriculture Consulting
How we can help


Find a Resolution


Agricultural loss adjustment, causation and liability investigations, agronomist expert witness reports and dispute resolution, covering individual and multi-claim cases.


Advisory: Agricultural Feasibility


Agricultural advisory services focussed on property due diligence, agronomic assessment, feasibility and complex, multi-discipline projects.


What Are Your Risks? Agricultural Risk Management Services


Strategic consulting and training that supports risk identification and ongoing management with productivity focused outcomes.

2.Precision data

Precision Data Provides Answers


Our advanced use of geo-reference data layers for in-depth correlation and data driven decision making.


Training Courses For Agricultural Professionals


Courses and training to assist professionals working in agricultural services.

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Recent Projects

  • A development application was being prepared for approval to install a 500ha solar array and battery storage project on a parcel of land currently used for grazing cattle in Southeast Queensland. The development application required an Agricultural Land Use and Impact Study Report (the Report)...

  •   Overview: The solicitors acting for the defendants in multiple class actions appointed ARC to review all the agricultural claims that had been made under the class actions and to adjust them as necessary to ensure that they complied with the Settlement Deed applicable to...

  •   Overview: PeritusAg completed an agronomic assessment and due diligence investigation of the biological assets and production risks of seven orchards, producing avocado and mangoes, for our client who was considering purchasing them in a sale and lease-back strategy. What we did: The scope of

Agricultural Consultants Service Areas

Our specialist agricultural consultants / farming consultants & expert agronomists are available throughout Queensland, Victoria, NSW, South Australia, Tasmania, WA & The NT in addition to internationally including New Zealand, South East Asia, Europe, South Africa, Japan, China and the US.

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